Next Steps

Finding and following Jesus is more than attending service on a weekend. So where do you start? These next steps are designed to help you get to know North Point and join pockets of community who are on a journey of finding and following Jesus.

JXP Groups

JXP (Jesus Experience) Groups are back! These small groups will meet around our community to read the story of Jesus together through the book of Acts. The groups will be asking each other questions about what it means to follow Jesus, and the real unique part- we will be practicing following him together! There are practices for each person to explore during the week. Finding Jesus on the weekend in this city might seem easy, but finding a safe space to follow him during the week is hard. And it’s nearly impossible without community! JXP groups are an incredible way to make sure that happens.


We believe getting baptized means taking a BIG next step and going public with your faith. It's what Jesus modeled for us and it's a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus. We want to celebrate with you as we partner together in finding and following Jesus.

The Riff Podcast

There’s a lot more to the Christian journey than what can be packaged and presented in a 30-minute time slot during weekend services. Jeremy  highlights the vision of North Point Church and the Christian journey through stories, interviews, and unfiltered faith ramblings in this audio setting. We hope the conversations will help you engage in how faith interacts with your life.


We are all new to North Point at some point in our journey. This gathering is a time for anyone to understand the mission and vision of North Point and give our teams a chance to meet you.

Serve Teams

North Point has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, season, and schedule. No matter your age or stage of life, you can make a difference. We believe that serving is the "hinge" that opens our hearts to worship. When we serve, we set aside our own preferences to elevate those around us.

Choose an area below to sign up on a serve team. Opportunities at every campus.

Dream Center

The Springfield Dream Center exists as a hub of practical help and life-giving hope to families in Springfield, Missouri. Located in the northern side of Springfield in an area called Zone 1, the Dream Center gives donors and supporters the opportunity to make a direct impact by providing resources and long-term skills in order to help families gain traction towards spiritual, mental, and physical stability.

The Dream Center is one of North Point's favorite ways of directly giving back to the community!

Serve At The Dream