The Story of North Point

Launched in 2003, North Point was born out of a dream to see a church community that engaged people from all walks of life, but on the north "point" of Springfield, Missouri.

No matter what background, experience, or doubts about faith you have, everyone is welcome and allowed to explore the claims of scripture. You are welcome here.

Who We Are

We are a community of people that are unified by serving the same purpose. That purpose is helping anyone and everyone find and follow Jesus.

Our Mission

We desire to create a safe place for anyone to find and follow Jesus.

Give Back

Making an impact in our communities doesn't happen on our own. We desire to be a church known by what we do, not what we say.

How We Approach Beliefs

In essential beliefs, we have unity.

We define the “essential beliefs” as the foundational beliefs below. While not all North Pointers ascribe to each belief, anyone involved in teaching Scripture will align with these values.

In non-essential beliefs, we have liberty.

Our leadership team has convictions and beliefs in many other areas, and we assume you do too! Jesus came to take away our sin, not our minds. We don’t expect everyone at North Point to believe the same thing about the many expressions of Scripture and faith that make the Church so diverse. We refuse to whittle down our unity by demanding we all think “alike” in every area. Unity isn’t believing the same thing, it’s serving the same purpose.

What else do I need to know?

We hope that every North Pointer develops five things in their life:
- Daily Integration of Scripture
- Dependence on the Spirit of God
- Intentional Community
- Arrows Out (not about us)
- Connection with those who have no connection with church

If you are on "cult watch" or if you'd like to see if North Point is a place for you, NEXT is the place to discover the mission and vision of North Point. This online class is a great introduction of our vision and why we do what we do.


About Scripture

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. When understood in the context of which it was written, we can then apply these principles to our own lives. We are not to shape Scripture to align with our lives, but we are to shape our lives to align with the authority of Scripture.

About God

We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the second member of the Trinity (the Son of God) who became flesh to reveal God to humanity.

About Sin

Sin is anything we leave undone that God desires us to do. Sin is also anything we do that God does not desire us to do. Sin brings brokenness and death to every relationship in our lives, including our relationship with God.

About Humanity

We were made in the image of God. We also have a desire to be in control and to ignore God’s principles for living. The Bible calls this attitude sin. This sin separates us from relationship with God. We believe that God is restoring everything through resurrection.

About Salvation

We believe that the Jesus Christ provides the forgiveness of sin. Therefore, God freely offers salvation to those who place their faith in the death and resurrection of Christ.

About Surrender

We believe all Christians should live a life led by Christ. By obedience to the Word of God and daily dependence to the Spirit of God, every believer should mature and be conformed to the image of Christ.

About The Church

We believe that the church is the body of Christ, of which Jesus is the head. The purpose of the church is to glorify God by loving him and by making Him known.

Lead Pastors

Jeremy and Leanne moved from Seattle in 2012 to join the team at North Point. They have two daughters who have their mom's beauty and their dad's last name. Leanne can most likely be found at one of our church lobbies talking to as many people as possible. Jeremy can most likely be found at one of our local Waffle Houses, making it a Waffle Home. They love the opportunity to create a safe place for people to find and follow Jesus.

The Springfield Dream Center

The Springfield Dream Center exists to give practical help and life-changing hope to families in north Springfield.

Since 2017, the Springfield Dream Center has shared this message of help and hope from the building graciously donated by Hamlin Baptist Church. North Point Church serves as both the founding organization as well as a current financial supporter.

The Dream Center is one of North Point's favorite ways to practically give back to our communities through an "arrows out" mentality.

Contact Us

Have any questions? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email and a staff member will connect with you.