The Gospel of John


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Daily integration of scripture is something that we hope every North Pointer has in their life. Get started with daily readings by getting a copy of John and reading or listening to a chapter every day for 21 days. You can find links for resources and the Gospel of John in the link below.

As you read or listen to scripture each day, walk through these three things:
1. What do I notice in this reading?
2. How do I feel about what happened in this chapter?
3. What do I do with what I read?

We want to make you aware of some additional resources that we hope will be helpful to you as you read through the Gospel of John.

Recommended commentary to purchase:

John for Everyone, Part 1: NT Wright

John for Everyone, Part 2: NT Wright

Recommended Gospel of John to purchase:

The Gospel of John: Alabaster

Free Online Commentary:

Commentary on the Gospel of John

Free Online Bible:


There is also a free Bible included on the "North Point Mo" app.

Just download on Apple App Store or Google Play to access the reading plan!

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