The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Patrick Lencioni

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Teams come in all shapes and sizes and they are made up of individuals with specific skills and personalities. When brought together, they can result in great dysfunction or create a profitable foundation for an organization’s product and its people. In this updated version of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, best-selling author Patrick Lencioni will provide the keys to understanding where teams struggle most and offer tools for navigating those struggles in a positive manner.

• Learn the five dysfunctions that challenge team unity

• Discover the resources necessary for healthy team practices

• Implement a trustworthy model into your own organization

Using fresh case studies and compelling illustrations from his own career, Patrick will show how functional teams need more than the right people. They require a culture that promotes unity, growth, and vision. The Five Dysfunction of a Team will provide you with the necessary principles for effective management and team practices that will set you up for the prospect of long-term success.

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