Operations Director

Job Description:
North Point is a simple, strategic, results oriented church focused on reaching people over keeping people. The Operations Director leads the First Impressions team, helps resource groups and all follow up. They assist with the Campus Pastor on operations of campus. The major role and purpose is connecting people to engage in North Point.

Create community on your campus through groups and events.

Lead effective systems of followup and connection.

Mobilize serve teams with energy and effectiveness.

Weekend experience is exciting and inviting.

Communicate in a way that leads to action.

Create a safe place for people to find and follow Jesus on your campus.

Can execute a systemic, strategic process

Strong ability to lead volunteer leaders and volunteer teams

Loves people and loves throwing parties

Solution based thinking

Organizational skills that manage your tasks and time

Strong attention to detail and excellence

Computer skills (Mac preferred)

Communicate vision and opportunity in a way that leads large groups towards action

Can lead through conflict in a way that honors people

A team player

Positive attitude

A high commitment to the local church

A willingness to learn and be self-motivated

A willingness to do whatever it takes

A contributor, not a consultant

Relational hustle

Prefers a fast and flexible work environment

History of serving in your local church including current year

History of financial generosity in your local church, including current year

Experience in leading teams toward measurable goals

Life giving relationship with Jesus that has resulted in others being drawn to Him.

Intentional training/education that can contribute to this opportunity

Proven ability to live free from overwhelming financial debt

If you are confident you fit the bill, we want to talk to you.

Send your application packet here.

1. Take some tests:

a) Enneagram (Take a free test online by following the link.)
b) Myers Briggs Assessment

2. Self discovery:

Complete this Work History and Self Assessment form. Make sure to include the results from the tests completed in step 1.

3. Assemble your application packet.

Your finished application packet should include the following:
a) Resume including at least 3 references
b) Work History and Self Assessment form including test scores

4. Send it in!

Make sure you’ve completed each of the steps. We won’t consider any applications that are not complete. Send it here.