Got Questions? Ask away.

Because Jesus didn’t come to take away your brain. He came to take away your sin!

I guess whatever you’re comfortable in? You’ll probably feel more out of place in a suit and tie than in shorts and flip flips, though. We take our mission of being a ‘safe place’ very seriously and can promise that you’ll be welcome no matter what you’re wearing. 

As a general rule, we strive to keep snakes out of the building. (Although there was that one time we had Wonders of Wildlife bring a 5 foot python for a kid’s event…) Whatever your history or preconceived notions of what church is or isn’t, we think we’ve created a pretty welcoming atmosphere for you to hear the claims of scripture. 

Not really a question, but that’s ok! To be honest, North Point might not be for everyone. However, the life-changing love of Jesus absolutely is. God didn’t wait for us to “get holy” before stepping into our lives, and we can promise we won’t be shocked or appalled by anything in your story. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of those same stories rewritten by a good God.

When North Point launched in 2003, we knew Springfield didn’t need just another church. We wanted to be a church where everyone was welcome and that anyone would feel comfortable coming to, no matter where they were coming from. We started in an old movie theater in north Springfield (where 5 Guys is now). The history of our church has been to make bold moves and take risks in order to reach the hurting, forgotten, and spiritually hungry with the good news of a loving God. We haven’t always been perfect with the approach, but we hold firm to our mission of being a safe place for anyone to find and follow Jesus. 

Yes! But after looking into it, we’ve decided they’re too expensive, and we could use the money to help people instead. When you give, your money goes to support the ministries and mission of North Point Church, and it’s channeled directly into causes that help us GIVE BACK, LOOK UP, and MOVE FORWARD. We’re a boldly generous organization built by boldly generous people. We feel so strongly about this, we launched the Springfield Dream Center in 2017 to serve as a hub of help and hope in our community every single day.

While blue raspberry is a strong staff favorite, we don’t believe you have to “drink the Kool-aid” or sign over your first-born child to call North Point home. Similarly, we don’t have signed membership agreements and you won’t be required to hand over your tax records. We know that people who fall in love with the mission and vision of NP will form the foundation of volunteers, givers, and advocates that make it happen week in and week out. 

We have several locations that meet in different communities, and even cities, each week. While the message is often on video for some of them, each has their own fully-functioning Kid Point areas, worship teams, volunteer opportunities, campus pastors, and even freshly brewed coffee. 

We hold strong convictions about scripture, God, humanity, salvation, and the Church. In these essential beliefs, we think it’s important to have unity. Likewise, in non-essential beliefs, we think it’s equally important to have liberty. (Check out the ‘Beliefs‘ page for details) If you need a church to tell you how to vote, you might have to keep looking.

James Brown Funky Jackhammer. Obviously. Unless it’s July. Then, it’s the Key Lime Pie concrete. 

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