Central Services Accountant

Job Description:
North Point is a simple, strategic, results oriented church focused on reaching people over keeping people. The Accountant will oversee the financial details, processes and procedures of North Point Church. They will serve the church by providing appropriate and accurate accounting records and financial statements for the church and overview the compliance of filing of tax required reporting forms.

25 Hours per week

Monday – Wednesday

40 Hours per week

Saturday – Wednesday

Finance – General
a) Work closely with the Leadership Team in establishing budgets.
b) Work closely with the Leadership Team in developing and implementing accounting policies and procedures.
c) Organize the preparation of all tax filings for the church and make sure all IRS and governmental obligations are met.
d) Organize quarterly and annual reporting of self-employment taxes and Form 1099 for contract workers.
e) Oversee all payroll requirements for salaried and hourly employees including benefits such as pension plans and health insurance
f) Prepare semi-annual giving statements.
g) To keep confidential all financial contribution information.
h) To prepare for and cooperate with those appointed to perform a yearly audit of financial records.

Finance – Regular duties
a) Responsible for the processing, depositing, recording and disbursement of all church monies in accordance with established accounting principles and policies of the church.
b) Oversee all bank accounts and banking transactions. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all financial transactions.
c) Oversee the processing of accounts payable and make sure they are properly approved and paid in a timely manner.
d) Prepare weekly and monthly reconciliations between the contributions module and general ledger.
e) Prepares monthly financial statements including an analysis of actual versus budget results to be reported to the Leadership Team monthly. Anticipate any significant changes to the budget for unexpected expenditures.
f) Create and maintain capital expenditure documentation including fixed assets
g) To enter all invoices submitted for payment, cut checks, submit for signature, and prepare for mailing.
h) To process payroll on a biweekly basis.
i) To prepare monthly reports for the Church Board and individual ministry teams.
k) To perform other necessary and related work as may be assigned.

A minimum of an associate’s degree in accounting from an accredited educational institution.
Practical experience in fund‐based accounting and account reconciliation.
A demonstrated Christian faith commitment.
Demonstrated proficiency in computer skills including MS Word, Excel and Access, and specific fund‐ based accounting software.
Attention to detail and precision in account reconciliation and report generation.
A commitment to good interpersonal relationships, teamwork and support of church ministries.
A commitment to confidentiality regarding all account records, both of the church and staff, and the members.
Solid understanding of creating financial statements, general ledger coding, journal entries and bank reconciliations.
3+ year’s experience working in accounting.
team player

positive attitude

high commitment to the local church

willingness to learn and be self-motivated

willingness to do whatever it takes

contributor, not a consultant

prefers a fast and flexible work environment

If you are confident you fit the bill, we want to talk to you.

Send your application packet here.

1. Take some tests:

a) Strengthsfinder 2.0 (Purchase and read the book and take the test. Don’t buy a used book – the code to take the test is only valid for a single use.)
b) DISC Leadership Profile (Pay online, click through any browser warnings – no worries it’s all good.)
c) Myers Briggs Assessment

2. Self discovery:

Complete this Work History and Self Assessment form. Make sure to include the results from the tests completed in step 1.

3. Assemble your application packet.

Your finished application packet should include the following:
a) Resume including at least 3 references
b) Work History and Self Assessment form including test scores

4. Send it in!

Make sure you’ve completed each of the steps. w\We won’t consider any applications that are not complete. Send it here.