Want to get connected at North Point? We’ve got 3 easy ways to get plugged in, meet new people, and help make a big church feel small.

1. Classes

Looking to meet new friends and learn something new? Check out our classes, which range from biblical teaching, practical parenting, and finances, all the way to fitness, Amazon selling, cooking, and many more!


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2. Groups

Groups at North Point are where we bring intentional conversations into existing relationships. Simply put, they’re where real community happens as people come together to live life together. They meet in living rooms, coffee shops, over dinner, and over football games, just to name a few.

Have a group of friends who want to start a group? Click the button below to sign-up to be a group leader and get our “group in a bag” resources!

3. Serving Opportunities:

Serving is where community really begins at North Point. We believe serving is a critical aspect of our spiritual growth and it opens the hinge of the heart to worship. We have lots of opportunities to serve in the church and outside in our communities. Click the button below to get started.